Christ Bible Church

"Preparing people to make an impact for God in their generation and to be fit to enter His Kingdom"

Contact Us

CONTACT BY PHONE – Christ Bible Church is an international ministry.  We are only able to provide the contact phone numbers for our churches in the Continental United States.  If you need immediate assistance, please contact those and we will connect you with the Pastor in your region.

Columbus Ohio Christ Bible Church  614-372-0883
Houston Texas Christ Bible Church  713-384-5776

CONTACT BY MAIL –   Please send all your correspondences to our Columbus, Ohio location:

Christ Bible Church
86 S Ohio Avenue
Columbus, OH  43205

CONTACT FORM  – for your convenience you may also fill out the form below.


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Archived Posts

COLUMBUS Ohio Location

(614) 372-0883
Wed Bible Study 7-8:30pm
Fri Holy Spirit Night 7-9pm
Sun School 10-11am
Sun Worship 11am-1pm

HOUSTON Texas Location

(713) 384-5776
Tues Bible Study 7-9pm
Wed Prayer Night 7-9pm
Sun School 10-11am
Sun Worship 11am -1pm
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